CRITIQ launch at Delta Hotel overflows with supporters

New civil rights group will focus on 3 projects

Last night, over 600 passionate Montrealers packed the conference centre at the Delta Hotel centre-Ville to attend the launch event of CRITIQ (Canadian Rights in Quebec) to denounce all language-based intolerance and discrimination. Billed as “A Conference on Civil Rights”, the event featured an accomplished panel including Robert Libman, Beryl Wajsman, Brent Tyler, Barbara Kay, Michel David and Richard Yufe.

Attendees eagerly began filing into the centre hours earlier and patiently formed lines to register for the event, become members of CRITIQ and sign up as volunteers. Donations were quickly piling up as the newly formed organization has so far been funded privately by the group’s founders and executive.

The evening wrapped up with the announcement of 3 specific projects that CRITIQ will focus on in the coming months.

1. Montreal and Municipalities
2. Legal Challenges
3. Outreach on Bill 14
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