Montreal, April 22, 2013. – : Canadian Rights in Quebec (“CRITIQ”) is announcing its next initiative which is directed towards the economic survival and the reality of Montreal. One of the founding principles of CRITIQ is the recognition of English and French as official languages in Quebec. We see no better place to start than on the island of Montreal.
In order for Montreal to survive and thrive it is necessary to recognize and embrace the uniqueness of its multiculturalism and bilingual nature.
The bilingual and multicultural character of Montreal is not merely a benefit but a necessity to attract international business and investment capital.
As such CRITIQ is calling upon the city council of Montreal to pass a resolution amending its charter to declare Montreal a bilingual and multicultural city.

This will certainly help turn the tide and enable the city to start attracting investment capital and businesses to help Montreal and Quebec compete in the 21st Century.

CRITIQ members will be asked to email and phone city councilors as well as attend council meetings.
Canadian Rights in Quebec (“CRITIQ”) is a Quebec-based organization dedicated to the protection in Quebec of those rights and freedoms invested in all Canadian citizens by our nation’s constitution, as well as by those international conventions by which Canada is bound.

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