Montreal, May 28 2013.-: Canadian Rights in Quebec (“CRITIQ”) recognizes that the latest announcement by Premier Pauline Marois concerning the investment in school infrastructure the Parti Québecois proudly continues to maintain the tradition of successive provincial governments’ lack of investment in the greater Montreal area.

In the announcement heralding the immaterial investment of a total of $2.7 million dollars for 142 schools Minister of Education Marie Malavoy proudly claimed that of the 142 sites targeted for the investment eight (8) are located in Montreal.

With approximately 5% of the total budget for this project allocated to the Montreal area it is clear that the underinvestment in Montreal will continue.

Canadian Rights in Québec (“CRITIQ”) is a Québec-based organization dedicated to the protection in Québec of those rights and freedoms vested in all Canadian citizens by our nation’s constitution, as well as by those international conventions by which Canada is bound.

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