Call to Action
Language Intolerance & the Economy

Many of our political leaders do not believe that the economy of Montreal and Quebec in general is suffering because of the proposed extreme regulations of Bill 14, the current regulations of Bill 101, the language police and the lack of freedom of choice for the language of their childrens’ education. In order to get our leaders out of denial we need to present them with concrete evidence that the language laws and rhetoric are resulting in the:
  1. closing down of businesses.
  2. relocation of businesses to other provinces.
  3. expansion plans of businesses in Quebec put on hold.
  4. deterrence of businesses to locate to Quebec.
We are looking for factual information which can be easily verified, that will have an impact on our political leaders.
  1. names of companies
  2. # of employees affected
  3. amount of potential business
  4. any other relevant information
Please send us your information by email at
Thank you.