Montreal, September 9, 2013. : Canadian Rights in Quebec (“CRITIQ”) has calculated the recently released labour statistics. In the last eight (8) months since January 2013 Quebec has lost approximately 45,000 jobs while the rest of the Canadian provinces have gained approximately 145,000 jobs over the same period of time.

CRITIQ maintains that the Quebec political leadership has completely abandoned economic stewardship. Further CRITIQ believes that years of hostility from Quebec City directed at Montreal have placed the province’s metropolis in a funk. This year’s line of summer festivals may have fallen even lower than the dismal 2012 season that was under the constant threat of student protests and civil unrest.

By way of comparison, this past week the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) welcomed a roster of international stars that descended upon that city to showcase a combination of box office blockbusters and inspiring art house films worthy of their audiences’ attention. Meanwhile the Festival des films du monde held earlier this summer in Montreal was the host of propaganda critical of the Anglicization of Montreal. The Montreal Gazette refereed to the Festival des films du monde as “stuck in a bygone era” and “no longer world class” and needing a “re-think”. We believe that such strong language equally applies to the Province of Quebec as a whole.
CRITIQ believes that the best way to “re-think” the status quo and for Montreal to start rising and returning to once again be an international city, Montreal needs a special economic status allowing its residents to become responsible for its own destiny.
Canadian Rights in Québec (“CRITIQ”) is a Québec-based organization dedicated to the protection in Québec of those rights and freedoms vested in all Canadian citizens by our nation’s constitution, as well as by those international conventions by which Canada is bound.

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