Montreal, January 14, 2014: Canadian Rights in Quebec (“CRITIQ”) calls on the Quebec government to address reports that the provincial government is instructing its ministries and agencies not to communicate in English with businesses or organizations established in Quebec. It also encourages ministries to avoid translating the entirety of their websites into English.

Such polices are an overextension of Quebec language laws in a way that prevents a broad number of citizens from having access to vital information. This policy potentially compromises the viability of businesses as well as compliance with safety and other standards. This is yet another mechanism that serves to hinder business development in Quebec and a demonstration of the secrecy under which our government operates.

Such actions create second-class citizens and denies minorities in Quebec their guaranteed rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as Canada’s Official Languages Act. CRITIQ calls on the government to stop employing illegal and repressive tactics to supress minorities in the name of the majority, and at the expense of all.

Canadian Rights in Québec (“CRITIQ”) is a Québec-based organization dedicated to the protection in Québec of those rights and freedoms vested in all Canadian citizens by our nation’s constitution, as well as by those international conventions by which Canada is bound.

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