Press Release
February 10, 2014: For immediate release

Marois restricts access of off islanders to Montreal’s best health care!

Premier Marois is cutting back on off islanders attending the Jewish General Hospital is another example of the government’s unwillingness for Montreal institutions to thrive.
CRITIQ is calling upon the government to let Montreal thrive and give them special status!
Montreal should be granted greater powers over its health care decision making so that it can provide the best quality of care to anyone in need regardless of their address.
The Jewish General Hospital is a prime example of a victim of this restrictive policy of “repatriation”.

“Montreal requires special status because decision making in health care, as in other domains, is best made by the people providing that care, certainly not by bureaucrats in Québec City,” said Richard Yufe, a spokesman for CRITIQ.

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CRITIQ is a Quebec based organization dedicated to the protection of all fundamental civil rights and liberties available to Quebec residents by our nation’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and by the United Nations’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. CRITIQ is not a political party, nor does it aspire to be. Rather, it seeks to answer a recent call to leadership to put a stop to the economic demise of Montreal.

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