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February 11, 2014: For immediate release

Between money and the ethnic vote, Parizeau chooses both!

CRITIQ applauds former Premier Jacques Parizeau for his outspoken concern with the Quebec economy, admitting that it’s the first time in 30 years that he appears concerned with Quebec’s economic future.
So what exactly was the former Premier concerned about while he was governing only 19 years ago? – Promoting a referendum and then blaming its loss on money and the ethnic vote?

Comments made in recent months show that Parizeau seems to have changed his tune in the past two decades. Perhaps old age and hindsight have taught him that attacking ethnics and money will kill an economy as quickly as it kills a political career. Perhaps his brother, recently appointed as President of the Board of the FTQ, gave him an inside tip on just how poorly we are doing in Quebec and how badly we need the money.

CRITIQ implores the Marois government to listen to its leading members, set aside wedge politics and make the economy its top priority before it is too late. CRITIQ encourages its members to speak up and request that the government address pressing economic issues immediately.

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CRITIQ is a Quebec based organization dedicated to the protection of all fundamental civil rights and liberties available to Quebec residents by our nation’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and by the United Nations’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. CRITIQ is not a political party, nor does it aspire to be. Rather, it seeks to answer a recent call to leadership to put a stop to the economic demise of Montreal.

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