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Monday, March 3, 2014: For immediate release / lundi le 3 mars 2014 : Pour diffusion immédiate

Montreal, Quebec – Canadian Rights In Quebec (CRITIQ) is calling upon Montrealers of all linguistic, ethnic and social status levels who support special status for Montreal to sign a petition. The petition urges Pauline Marois, Premier of Quebec, to issue self-governance to the City of Montreal over its economic, linguistic and cultural policies, in order to establish attractive conditions for growth and prosperity. 

One of CRITIQ’s founding principles is the creation of special status, and believes Montreal must capitalize on its strengths, such as entrepreneurial culture, innovation, multilingualism, and world-renowned academic institutions. This petition comes on the heels of a recently published 162-page non-partisan study by Bank of Montreal Financial Group and Boston Consulting Group endorsing special status. Both Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre and federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau have also publicly endorsed this idea.

Montreal has been in an economic decline since the 1970s. Quebec referendums, restrictive language laws, divisive attitudes, and the government’s denial of Montreal’s bilingualism have all contributed to the city’s decline, instability, and discouragement of foreign investment. This is detrimental to the Quebec economy, as Montreal contributes about 65% of provincial tax revenues. CRITIQ aims to change these conditions with the new petition.

Supporters of special status for Montreal can sign the petition online, and are encouraged to share it across social media using the hashtag #empowerMTL to gain more signatures.


CRITIQ is a Quebec based organization dedicated to the protection of all fundamental civil rights and liberties available to Quebec residents by our nation’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and by the United Nations’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. CRITIQ is not a political party, nor does it aspire to be. Rather, it seeks to answer a recent call to leadership to put a stop to the economic demise of Montreal.

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