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Montreal’s battle to acquire more power ramps up

An article written in the Montreal Gazette, here is the link if you’d like to read it off the Gazette’s website.


Montreal wants to be able to reduce speed limits on its streets without having to ask Quebec.

It wants the power to set store hours without waiting months for a decision from the province.

Since 85 per cent of the 50,000 immigrants that come to Quebec each year end up in Montreal, the city wants more control over how they will be cared for, since Montreal does most of the caring, and control over the funding budget required to do so.

It wants more say over economic development. And social housing and homelessness and new ways of generating revenue.

It wants special “metropolitan” or city-state status, granting it extra powers in comparison to its smaller provincial confreres, in order to compete in an era of growing influence of cities in the global marketplace.

With the official signing of a fiscal pact between Quebec and its municipalities Tuesday that included a reduction in the amount of money transferred from the province to cities each year, it is assumed Montreal, and Quebec City, which is seeking special “capital city” status, have made headway on agreements in principle for the greater powers they covet. The fiscal pact also provides municipalities the promise of greater power in contract talks with their municipal unions if negotiations and arbitration fail to bring a solution.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre said over the weekend that now that the fiscal pact has been ironed out, with 80 per cent of the members of the Union of Quebec Municipalities and 75 per cent of the Fédération québécoise des municipalités voting in favour, his next priority is to hammer out the deals [...]

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A must-read about Special Status!

Click the link if you would like to read the opinion on the Gazette website.


Marvin Rotrand is partially right (“City responsible for ‘declined airport’ “ Montreal Gazette, Sept. 19): Montreal’s airport is on the decline and serves mostly tourist destinations. What he is incorrect about is his thinking that Montreal’s elected officials can effect change. If there were business activity, the airlines would be capitalizing on the opportunity to service the demand and create non-stop routes.

Montreal is a city experiencing a steady decline in international business. Last year, Mayor Denis Coderre refreshed Montreal International and positioned Jacques Ménard at the helm. Their websiteis active with many stories, but the unemployment figures in Montreal portray a much more stagnant reality.

What Rotrand and all the city councillors should be doing is clamouring for special status for Montreal. It is the best and only solution for distancing Montreal from the ongoing separation and language debates.

Special status would enable Montreal to take charge of its economic destiny. The powers Montreal needs include the ability to reduce taxes in certain areas of the city to attract and retain businesses, in particular, the manufacturing sector; a say in the distribution of the tax dollars that are earned and collected in Montreal; and an ability to tweak the language laws to attract top talent to Montreal, without being obliged to send their children to a French-only school.

As well, decision-making for infrastructure and development should no longer go through Quebec but be given to Montreal. We cannot continue to be slowed down by bureaucrats who have little knowledge or interest in Montreal.

Input on immigration would enable Montreal to attract the professionals and the skill sets that Montreal needs, not what others want to allocate to us.

Montreal [...]