Since April 19, when Quebec Superior Justice Claude Dallaire delivered her decision on Quebec’s Bill 99, the Act respecting the exercise of the fundamental rights and prerogatives of the Quebec people and the Quebec State, we no longer know on what terms Quebec can legally secede. The decision totally upheld the constitutionality of Bill 99, which is totally at odds with the federal Clarity Act and quite possibly with the response of the Supreme Court of Canada to the reference on the unilateral secession of Quebec.

Whether we live in Quebec or in the rest of Canada, whether we are federalists, separatists, both or neither, we all have a right to know the law on the terms of secession.

There is only one solution: the federal government should send a reference to the Supreme Court of Canada to end the confusion, resolve the contradictions between the three texts and finally let everyone know for sure what will be the conditions, if any, if Quebecers should some day vote for a independence.

Please pass this message on.

William Johnson