Grant a special status for the city of Montreal.

Montreal has been in an economic decline since the 1970s. Quebec referendums, restrictive language laws, divisive attitudes, and the government’s denial of Montreal’s bilingualism have all contributed to the city’s decline, instability, and discouragement of foreign investment. This is detrimental to the Quebec economy, as Montreal contributes about 65% of provincial tax revenues. We aim to change these conditions with our petition.

We are calling upon Montrealers of all linguistic, ethnic and social backgrounds who support a special status for their city. The petition urges the Premier of Quebec, to issue self-governance to the City of Montreal over its economic, linguistic and cultural policies, in order to establish attractive conditions for growth and prosperity. #empowerMTL
Sign the petition online!

Which Quebec Party Will Grant Montreal Special Status?

As many of you have all heard by now, the subject of more autonomy for Montreal has been endorsed by the Bank of Montreal Financial Group and the Boston Consulting Group thanks to their non-partisan study Créer un nouvel élan à Montréal (Creating A New Momentum In Montreal). As we have been saying since day one, Montreal needs more autonomy and this report supports our purpose.

Jacques Ménard and Eric Brat have been in the news all week due to their 10-step plan for reviving Montreal. But, if you’ve been on the island and keeping up with politics, social and business networks, you know that this is an idea that also has the support of politicians with Montreal’s interests in mind.

Mayor Coderre endorses special status for our city and verbally expressed this since his mayoral campaign. Even Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau during his presentation at Concordia University on February 6 confirmed face-to-face with our Executive Director, Yaffa Tegegne, that he supports Montrealers’ desire to achieve special status.

CRITIQ’s question to Justin Trudeau:
You encourage youth to stand up against divisive politics. Here in Montreal we are at the crux of that issue and very frustrated. As a Montrealer and an MP representing Montreal how do you foresee Montreal will be able to prosper economically and compete with other Canadian cities in the future? Would you support special status for Montreal, exempting it from provincial legislation such as the proposed Charter which serves to divide people and hinder growth?
Justin Trudeau’s response:
Absolutely yes. I would support any exemptions for Montreal from the Charter of Values. Montreal is a wonderful city that deserves respect and deserves to grow and become a world city.

So, there you have [...]

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    An Evening with Notre Montreal: Dan Delmar, Jessica Salomon, Anne-France Goldwater

An Evening with Notre Montreal: Dan Delmar, Jessica Salomon, Anne-France Goldwater

Meet up with Dan Delmar, Anne-France Goldwater, and Jess Salomon and Share Ideas on How to Make Montreal Better
We’ve got some fantastic news to warm up your February. Notre Montréal is hosting its very first pub night and is inviting Montrealers of all political persuasions to come out and join us.

The Notre Montréal pub night will be held on Tuesday, February 18 at 6:00 PM at Ye Olde Orchard pub on 1189 De la Montagne. We will be having an informal discussion featuring broadcaster and political commentator Dan Delmar, attorney Anne-France Goldwater, and local comedian Jess Salomon for a brighter, lighter take on what ails Montreal. Moderating the discussion will be Yaffa Tegegne, Executive Director of Canadian Rights in Quebec (CRITIQ). Find out how the Notre Montreal initiative offers a positive solution.

We’ve all been witness to the demise of Montreal’s economy, infrastructure and cultural development over the past 50 years. Let’s change the conversation from conflicts over language and proposed legislation like the Charter of Values. With political pundits sensing a snap election in the weeks ahead, this is the perfect time to discuss what a special status could mean for our city, and we invite you to participate in this discussion.

The pub night will bring together members of the community to discuss the following themes:

Special status for the city of Montreal
How a special status could enhance Montreal and its lagging economy
How a special status for Montreal can help stem our brain drain problem

We encourage you to RSVP for this pub night event today! There are a couple of ways. Here’s how.

1. Go over to our Meetup page and become a member of the Notre Montréal Meetup group. There you can RSVP [...]

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A Year Some Montrealers Would Like To Forget

The year 2013 has finally passed! We could not be happier considering the preposterous events that brought Quebec to the forefront of international attention for all the wrong reasons. Montreal (its community, culture and economy), has definitely seen better times. Not only have we yet to recover from a sluggish economy and a deep-seated culture of corruption in the construction industry, but our city’s reputation was tarnished due to lack of common sense from civil servants and proposed government legislation that go against the grain of the city’s identity.

There were more than enough unfortunate and embarrassing events that left Montrealers with a serious distaste for politics in 2013. While it would require more time and bandwidth to highlight all of them here, we decided to pick several that stood out as reasons why Montrealers never want to see or experience some of the year that was.

The Not-So-Mysterious Case of Pastagate











In February 2013, upscale Italian restaurant Buonanotte made international headlines due to one angry, insecure patron and an overzealous inspector of the Office québécois de la langue française. The restaurant received a letter from the OQLF warning that use of words like “pasta” and “calamari” on its menu violated the language laws of Quebec. The nitpicking over the lack of French-equivalent words on the menu gave Montreal and the province much more attention than it needed. It drew international media attention from 14 countries.

The story certainly didn’t gain as much worldwide attention as the notorious Mayor Rob Ford; however, it was a stain on the reputation of the city of Montreal and a lesson in poor public relations for Quebec. Among the media channels showing us as a laughing stock to the world were the [...]

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Invitation from CRITIQ: Friday Town Hall Meeting

Dear CRITIQ member,

On Friday, October 25, from 7-9 pm., The Gazette and News Talk Radio CJAD 800 will host a Town Hall meeting with Montreal’s four mayoral candidates at Concordia University’s Oscar Peterson Concert Hall (on the Loyola Campus – 7141 Sherbrooke Street West).

Doors open at 6:30. This event is free and open to the public. CRITIQ will be there and we invite all our members to join us as the candidates weigh-in on a variety of topics.

Keep an eye out for us. We’ll be handing out pins.

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    Opinion: Special status for Montreal would benefit all of Quebec

Opinion: Special status for Montreal would benefit all of Quebec

MONTREAL – The IPSOS Marketing survey commissioned by our political lobby group, Canadian Rights in Quebec (CRITIQ), has finally given Montrealers an opportunity to focus on a positive, proactive solution to the ongoing political, economic and social deterioration that has affected our city for more than 35 years.

The poll confirms what we have already known, which is that Montreal is different and distinct from the rest of Quebec.

What is most compelling is that these views are shared by people in all regions of Quebec.

The IPSOS survey ( was conducted over a two-week period this summer. There were three groups of respondents for a total of 1,250, divided by region: 50 per cent on the island of Montreal, 25 per cent elsewhere in the Greater Montreal area and 25 per cent in the rest of Quebec.

The findings can be summarized as follows:

1. Montreal deserves a special status within Quebec because it is a world-class, cosmopolitan city (74 per cent agree).

2. Montreal is different from the rest of Quebec (90 per cent).

3. To stop its decline, Montreal needs to take drastic steps to improve the way it does things (91 per cent).

Also of note is that there is demonstrable support for official bilingual status for Montreal, as well as a favourable view of multiculturalism as it pertains to Montreal.

Rather than complain about our current state of complacent acquiescence, we now have a positive plan that can be a win-win one, if explained properly. Quite simply, Montreal is the engine that drives Quebec and it is imperative that we put a stop to the hoarding of fuel that feeds that engine, and get Montreal firing on all cylinders.

Montreal needs more power. More power to attract [...]

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