Grant a special status for the city of Montreal.

Montreal has been in an economic decline since the 1970s. Quebec referendums, restrictive language laws, divisive attitudes, and the government’s denial of Montreal’s bilingualism have all contributed to the city’s decline, instability, and discouragement of foreign investment. This is detrimental to the Quebec economy, as Montreal contributes about 65% of provincial tax revenues. We aim to change these conditions with our petition.

We are calling upon Montrealers of all linguistic, ethnic and social backgrounds who support a special status for their city. The petition urges the Premier of Quebec, to issue self-governance to the City of Montreal over its economic, linguistic and cultural policies, in order to establish attractive conditions for growth and prosperity. #empowerMTL
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Notre Montréal

A brand new symbol for our city
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Canadian Rights in Quebec (CRITIQ) is poised to launch a new initiative focused on the unique character of Montreal. Inspired by the current flag of Montreal, it features an updated look that better represents what Montreal is all about today. Montreal deserves a special status within Québec that celebrates and protects an economically strong and multicultural city that is open to the world.

Notre Montréal c’est le symbole rassembleur d’une ville inclusive créé pour tous les amoureux de Montréal. Manifestement, notre ville mérite un statut qui témoigne de son multiculturalisme, de son économie prospère et de son ouverture sur le monde, pour ainsi dire un statut distinct au sein du Québec.


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Call to Action: Petition for Special Status of Montreal

During a recent debate among three of the candidates for Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, Marcel Côté, and Richard Bergeron mentioned that Montreal should be bilingual. Mélanie Joly has also said that she favors special status for Montreal. We ask you to email all four of these candidates to encourage them to push for special status for Montreal.
Fill out the form and the following message will be sent to Montreal’s new Mayor Denis Coderre.
Montreal deserves special status within Quebec because it is a world class cosmopolitan city. Montreal is different from the rest of Quebec and should be treated as such. Montreal must be an entrepreneurial hub. The current identity debate is a clear demonstration of the profound difference between Montreal and the rest of Quebec.

Please speak out loudly in favor of Montreal with a special status, before it is too late.

A recent Ipsos Reid poll, commissioned by CRITIQ confirmed this.

Please do what a Mayor of Montreal should do, do what is best for Montreal.

Montréal mérite un statut spécial au sein du Québec parce que c’est une ville cosmopolite de classe mondiale. Montréal est différent du reste du Québec et doit être traité comme tel. Montréal doit être un pôle d’entreprise. Le débat actuel sur l’identité est une démonstration claire de la différence profonde entre Montréal et le reste du Québec.

S’il vous plaît dénoncer haut et fort en faveur de Montréal avec un statut spécial, avant qu’il soit trop tard.

Un récent sondage d’Ipsos Reid, commandé par CRITIQ le confirme.
Résultats :

Veuillez faire ce qui devrait faire un maire de Montréal, faire ce qui est le mieux pour Montréal.


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IPSOS Survey: Montreal Needs Special Status

Montreal is in decline. It is the poorest of North America’s large cities.

Clearly, the challenge is economic. Montreal does have a growth sector, that of intellectual property in the arts, culture, engineering, technology and life sciences. Still we must double current performance of all the rest to turn things around.

Entrepreneurship will be the driver of this turnaround.

We have to create the most attractive environment for Canadian and foreign entrepreneurs.

This calls for a reinvented governance.

As a major city in North America, Montreal must be able to compete on an equal footing with the others. Future development requires that our elected leaders be free of the parochial policy constraints of the Government of Quebec.

Read the IPSOS survey here.

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Language Intolerance & The Economy

Call to Action
Language Intolerance & the Economy
Many of our political leaders do not believe that the economy of Montreal and Quebec in general is suffering because of the proposed extreme regulations of Bill 14, the current regulations of Bill 101, the language police and the lack of freedom of choice for the language of their childrens’ education. In order to get our leaders out of denial we need to present them with concrete evidence that the language laws and rhetoric are resulting in the:

closing down of businesses.
relocation of businesses to other provinces.
expansion plans of businesses in Quebec put on hold.
deterrence of businesses to locate to Quebec.

We are looking for factual information which can be easily verified, that will have an impact on our political leaders.

names of companies
# of employees affected
amount of potential business
any other relevant information

Please send us your information by email at
Thank you.

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Guarantee English Petition

Call to Action – Online Petition
Guarantee English as one of the two official languages in Montreal

Peter Kovac, an executive member of CRITIQ, has started an online petition for a bilingual Montreal, in which English is recognized as one of the two official languages.

Click here to support Peter and CRITIQ by signing our online petition. (Works on mobile devices as well.)

​Montreal is the business hub of Quebec. Montreal is and always has been known for its mix of nationalities. We must keep Montreal bilingual to maintain its competitiveness with all other key cities in Canada and North America. By maintaining its bilingual status we are keeping our doors open to accept and retain the best entrepreneurs and their associates in our city.

By keeping Montreal bilingual we are inviting the best minds in the world to make their home in Montreal and Quebec.

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