Current Executive Members

We are an organization made up entirely of volunteers. Members of the Board range from professionals, academics, journalists, and students. CRITIQ’s current executive committee consists of the following members:

Kamran Ahmed
Omar Choudhury
Mike Cohen
Michelle Cormier
Renee Edwardh
Bonnie Feigenbaum
Patrick Flynn
Nicole Gareau
Harold Joffre
Barbara Kay

Peter Kovac
Robert Libman
David Majer
Aaron Makovka
Valerie Price
Michael Reilley
Chris Savard
Gary D Shapiro
Gayle A. Shinder
Rhona Stamos

Antoinette Taddeo
Joannie Tansky
Yaffa Tegegne
Beryl Wajsman
Gerry Weiner
Judy Weiner
James Wilson
Richard Yufe
Warren Budning

To contact any of the executive members, please direct your e-mails to with the subject line, “Attention: [Name of Member]”.

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