CRITIQ’s Founding Principles

The formation of CRITIQ is based on four primary founding principals:

1. Recognition of the importance of both French and English in Quebec Society

CRITIQ calls for the provincial government to accept the importance of bilingualism for Quebec’s cultural and economic prosperity and eliminate laws and practices designed to discourage bilingualism.

2. Denunciation of all language based intolerance in Quebec

CRITIQ calls for an end to all political rhetoric designed to stir up language related tension amongst Quebecers, who otherwise live in peace and harmony with each other. Language based tensions are overwhelmingly instigated by political propaganda and rarely by Quebec’s inclusive and tolerant population.

3. Freedom of choice to live, work and study in French “and” in English

CRITIQ supports the fundamental freedom of residents of Quebec to choose in which language they wish to live, work, and receive education for themselves and for their children.

4. The creation of a special status for the city of Montreal

CRITIQ supports the principle that Montreal is distinct from the rest of Quebec and must be granted powers to enable its return to a thriving, international city.

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